Albert Schuppli, 1989

belux classic lives up to its name as a classic among standard lamps. Its simple elegance is timeless and thus still up-to-date today - almost 30 years after it was designed. belux classic the uses a highperformance LED light with more than 8,000 lumen which provides an enormous amount of indirect light. Light is distributed over an extremely wide area so that even large spaces can be easily illuminated. The only frugal feature is its energy consumption: with only 80 watts
belux classic is highly efficient. belux classic is supplied with surfaces in bright chromium plating or matt black-and-white.

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18 Products

Order NoProduct typeColourColour temperatureMains plugSpec sheet
CLA10-11-8027-TDStanding lightsChrome2700 K Swiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-11-8030-TDStanding lightsChrome3000 KSwiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-12-8027-TDStanding lightsChrome2700 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-12-8030-TDStanding lightsChrome3000 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-13-8027-TDStanding lightsChrome2700 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF
CLA10-13-8030-TDStanding lightsChrome3000 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF
CLA10-14-8027-TDStanding lightsWhite2700 K Swiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-14-8030-TDStanding lightsWhite3000 K Swiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-15-8027-TDStanding lightsWhite2700 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-15-8030-TDStanding lightsWhite3000 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-16-8027-TDStanding lightsWhite2700 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF
CLA10-16-8030-TDStanding lightsWhite3000 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF
CLA10-17-8027-TDStanding lightsBlack2700 K Swiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-17-8030-TDStanding lightsBlack3000 K Swiss T12 (type J)PDF
CLA10-18-8027-TDStanding lightsBlack2700 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-18-8030-TDStanding lightsBlack3000 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDF
CLA10-19-8027-TDStanding lightsBlack2700 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF
CLA10-19-8030-TDStanding lightsBlack3000 KBS 1363 (type G)PDF

Lighting technique

CAD data
classic led (3ds, 2.54 MB)
Assembly instructions
classic led (pdf)
Photometric data
classic led (zip, 1.7 KB)