Naoto Fukasawa

The belux leia family of lights is a modern-day form of minimalism, deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The simple restrained and elegant form fits to any room with its warm, energy-efficient illumination creating just the right atmosphere. belux leia is used wherever mood lighting and unobtrusive design is desired with the flexibility of belux leia lending itself ideally for both home and office environments.

Naoto Fukasawa relies on the power of simplicity. Design that draws attention for attention´s sake is not his objective. Instead, the designer strives for an elegance of form where unobtrusiveness is the primary condition. Things should therefore not reach out and grab the observer´s attention directly, but rather should gain a place and appreciation in everyday life through their usefulness. For this type of form, the Japanese designer, born in 1956, coined the term “Super Normal Design”. “Special is normally less than normal”, he declares. He focuses on a high affordance: the ability of the objects to explain themselves, and for their form to motivate their use.
Fukasawa knowingly combines different materials to luminous effect: whilst the light body itself is made of art glass, in contrast, the light base and the ceiling disk are made of high gloss aluminum. belux leia is suitable both for the home and for the typical office with providing illumination for an area of 20m2.
The indirect illumination of the standing light and the energy-saving lamp in the light body can be dimmed or switched on or off independently to create totally different light scenarios from powerful illumination to soft mood lighting. The light body itself shines a powerful but glare-free light through the opal film. The lower, semi-transparent part of the column imparts a floating and lightness of form to the light. The two smaller lamps at different heights can be used both as a table and as a floor light.

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LEI10-11-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)OpalSwiss plug type JPDF
LEI10-12-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)Transparent/opalSwiss plug type JPDF
LEI10-13-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)OpalSchuko plug type E+FPDF
LEI10-14-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)Transparent/opalSchuko plug type E+FPDF
LEI10-15-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)OpalUK plug type GPDF
LEI10-16-TDStanding lights1x Halogen ES (incl.) 2x T5 HO (incl.)Transparent/opalUK plug type GPDF

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