ONE BY ONE Steve Lechot, 2004

High-quality, durable materials, an energy-saving lamp and a unique interplay of light and shadow: with ONE BY ONE emotion is in harmony with the saving of energy.


The sculptor Steve Lechot, from the Swiss Jura, is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and, as well as stone, also works with other materials such as parchment and light, as the first drafts of ONE BY ONE demonstrate. With 160 crushed layers for the standing lamp, Lechot has created an exciting interplay of light and shadow.
ONE BY ONE takes its name from the equilateral geometry of the layered paper. This is now replaced by polyester membrane which is rendered almost completely tear-free, durable and flame resistant. ONE BY ONE is therefore easy to clean and, compared to traditional paper lights, has an extremely long life span. ONE BY ONE shows that energy saving need not be at the expense of emotion: the energy-saving fluorescent lamp is controlled using the latest electronics and, depending on the version, can be continuously dimmed. The desired level of dimming can be easily saved in memory by double clicking the built-in switch and reprogrammed at any time. Thus ONE BY ONE fulfils many functions from the dimmed light sculpture right up to powerful room lighting.
The family of lights consists of a standing and floor lamp as well as three suspension versions. With its energy-saving lamps and perfect anti-glare properties, these lights are ideal not only for the dining room table but also for office workplaces. The suspension lights are available in two lengths and seven wattages with an additional XL version available towards the end of 2010. The light is particularly useful for rooms with high ceilings with dining or conference tables in them and also for reception desks.
The entire ONE BY ONE family of lights is handmade in a sheltered workshop for the disabled who apply the necessary concentration and patience required to crush and layer the paper as well as insert the spacers.

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Range / Details

27 Products

TypProduct typeOperating modeColour temperatureMains plugSizeSpec sheetWish list
OBO01-11-8027-TDStanding lightsDimmable2700 KSwiss plug type JH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-11-8030-TDStanding lightsDimmable3000 KSwiss plug type JH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-11-8040-TDStanding lightsDimmable4000 KSwiss plug type JH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-12-8027-TDStanding lightsDimmable2700 KSchuko plug type E+FH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-12-8030-TDStanding lightsDimmable3000 KSchuko plug type E+FH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-12-8040-TDStanding lightsDimmable4000 KSchuko plug type E+FH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-13-8027-TDStanding lightsDimmable2700 KUK plug type GH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-13-8030-TDStanding lightsDimmable3000 KUK plug type GH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO01-13-8040-TDStanding lightsDimmable4000 KUK plug type GH 1500 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8027-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI2700 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8027-TDPendant lightsDimmable2700 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8030-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI3000 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8030-TDPendant lightsDimmable3000 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8040-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI4000 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO30-11-8040-TDPendant lightsDimmable4000 KL 1290 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8027-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI2700 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8027-TDPendant lightsDimmable2700 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8030-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI3000 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8030-TDPendant lightsDimmable3000 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8040-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI4000 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO32-11-8040-TDPendant lightsDimmable4000 KL 1590 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8027-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI2700 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8027-TDPendant lightsDimmable2700 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8030-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI3000 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8030-TDPendant lightsDimmable3000 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8040-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALI4000 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list
OBO34-11-8040-TDPendant lightsDimmable4000 KL 1850 mmPDFWish list

CAD data
Assembly instructions
Ceiling rose B-130 (pdf, 368.6 KB)
Ceiling rose B-140 (silicone) (pdf, 1.43 MB)
ONE BY ONE-01 LED Standing light (pdf, 369.2 KB)
ONE BY ONE-30/-32/-34 LED Pendant light (pdf, 585.5 KB)
Photometric data
PHOTOMETRY_OBO-01 (zip, 2.8 KB)
PHOTOMETRY_OBO-30 (zip, 10.6 KB)

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