twilight John + Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry, 2002

In a refined way, Twilight combines unrivalled room and atmospheric lighting Using a dimmer Twilight can produce an atmospheric direct emotional play of light or a large amount of light to illuminate the room indirectly as desired.
Inside the artificial glass body there are LED lamps at the top and at the bottom, emitting light towards each other, so that Twilight turns into a light sculpture. With an additional LED spot Twilight gives out indirect room lighting via the ceiling. The indirect light and light inside the art glass body can be dimmed independently of one another.

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TypExpressLight sourceMains plugSpec sheetWish list
TWI08-13-8030-TDLED 2700 – 4000 KBS 1363 (type G)PDFWish list
TWI08-12-8030-TDeLED 2700 – 4000 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDFWish list
TWI08-11-8030-TDeLED 2700 – 4000 KSwiss T12 (type J)PDFWish list
TWI10-12-8027-TDeLED 2700 KCEE 7/7 (type E+F)PDFWish list
TWI10-13-8027-TDLED 2700 KBS 1363 (type G)PDFWish list
TWI10-11-8027-TDeLED 2700 KSwiss T12 (type J)PDFWish list
TWI10-11-8027-DDLED 2700 KwithoutPDFWish list

CAD data
Assembly instructions
TWILIGHT-08 LED (pdf, 626.4 KB)
TWILIGHT-10 LED (pdf, 442.2 KB)
Photometric data
TWILIGHT-08 LED LDT (zip, 5.5 KB)
TWILIGHT-10 LED LDT (zip, 5.1 KB)

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