Hannes Wettstein

belux ypsilon is a discrete but energy-saving solution to illuminate the walls of rooms and thus visually enlarge it. The plug-in lamp also solves the problem of dark ceilings where they do not reflect light. Modern electronics and its stylish finishes, along with the distinctive design, ensure high-quality illumination and a long operating life.

The built-in dimmer enables the light to be regulated from bright room light to cozy mood light. belux ypsilon is energy saving and can be rotated through 270°. While the natural aluminum and champagne colors contribute to the restrained aesthetics, the red and black models enhance the surroundings and are contrasting points to any interior design.

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TypeExpressColourMains plugSpec sheet
YPS04-11-8027-TDWhiteSwiss plug type JPDF
YPS04-12-8027-TDAluminiumSwiss plug type JPDF
YPS04-13-8027-TDBlackSwiss plug type JPDF
YPS04-14-8027-TDRuby redSwiss plug type JPDF
YPS04-15-8027-TDChampagneSwiss plug type JPDF
YPS04-16-8027-TDWhiteSchuko plug type E+FPDF
YPS04-17-8027-TDAluminiumSchuko plug type E+FPDF
YPS04-18-8027-TDBlackSchuko plug type E+FPDF
YPS04-19-8027-TDRuby redSchuko plug type E+FPDF
YPS04-20-8027-TDChampagneSchuko plug type E+FPDF
YPS04-21-8027-TDWhiteUK plug type GPDF
YPS04-22-8027-TDAluminiumUK plug type GPDF
YPS04-23-8027-TDBlackUK plug type GPDF
YPS04-24-8027-TDRuby redUK plug type GPDF
YPS04-25-8027-TDChampagneUK plug type GPDF

Lighting technique

CAD data
Assembly instructions
YPSILON-03/-04 (pdf, 820.4 KB)
Photometric data
YPSILON (zip, 26.1 KB)