belux express


For quick ship items, belux maintains higher stock levels.
Therefore these selected items are available to you in short lead times.
Please check availibility of larger quantities with our customer service department

belux classic
CLA10-12-8027-TD (Chrome)
CLA10-15-8027-TD (White)
CLA10-16-8027-TD (Black)

belux cloud
CLD30-21 (E27, Ø480)
CLD32-21 (E27, Ø520)
CLDXL-12-8027-DD (L: 1500, 2700K)
CLDXL-12-8030-DD (L: 1500, 3000K)

belux diogenes
DIO10-15-8027-DD (Grey-Gold)
DIO10-18-8027-DD (Graphit-Black)

belux lifto/liftolino
LIF40-11-9030-TD (Lifto, Chrome)
LIF40-13-9030-TD (Lifto, black)
LINO42-11-9030-TD (Liftolino, chrome)
BL51900101 (iron base black Fix-B)

belux one by one
OBO01-12-8027-TD (2700K)

belux tubo
TUB40-12-8027-TD (black)

belux twilight-10

belux twilight360
TWI360-11-8027-TD (Aluminium)
TWI360-15-8027-TD (Bronce)

belux updown
UPD30-11-8027-DD (L: 1260, Natur aluminium)
UPD30-13-8027-DD (L: 1260, black)
UPD32-11-8027-DD (L: 1560, Natur aluminium)
UPD32-13-8027-DD (L: 1560, black)

belux ypsilon
YPS04-16-8027TD (White)
YPS04-17-8027TD (Aluminium)
YPS04-18-8027TD (black)