Stephan Hürlemann

belux hello is an all-round LED lighting tool: This flexible system provides light wherever it is needed, even when the power outlet is in the wrong place, the ceiling of an old building is too delicate to bear a light installation or that very picture in the hallway just doesn’t get enough light. belux hello requires just one tension cable. Power is fed through the spiral cable wrapping around the tension cable, from lighting element to lighting element.

Due to its transparent architecture and elegant design, belux hello formally appears natural and low-key while radiating its own identity at the same time.

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Assembly instructions
HELLO Converter (pdf, 1.62 MB)
HELLO Spot/Flood/Connect (pdf, 1.85 MB)
HELLO System supply/installation material (pdf, 1.97 MB)
Photometric data
HELLO Flood (zip, 6.8 KB)
HELLO Spot 15° (zip, 5.2 KB)
HELLO Spot 40° (zip, 5.2 KB)