Greutmann Bolzern, 2001

During development, particular attention was given to the aspects of optimising the anti-glare, economy, ecology, flexibility and system integration. The prism technology (K32) directs the direct light on to the workplace without glare and acts as a light window. In addition, the lights can be arranged across or along the line of vision, which allows architects significantly greater freedom. The high-quality parts of belux flat are made of die-cast aluminium.

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TypeProduct typeVersionOperating modeMains plugSpec sheet
FLA10-11-00Standing lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)2-stage switchSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA10-11-MSStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)MultisensSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA10-11-TDStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)DimmableSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA10-12-00Standing lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)2-stage switchSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA10-12-MSStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)MultisensSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA10-12-TDStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)DimmableSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA10-13-00Standing lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)2-stage switchUK plug type GPDF
FLA10-13-MSStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)MultisensUK plug type GPDF
FLA10-13-TDStanding lightsTube symmetric (symmetrical)DimmableUK plug type GPDF
FLA12-11-00Standing lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotable2-stage switchSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA12-11-MSStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableMultisensSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA12-11-TDStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableDimmableSwiss plug type JPDF
FLA12-12-00Standing lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotable2-stage switchSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA12-12-MSStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableMultisensSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA12-12-TDStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableDimmableSchuko plug type E+FPDF
FLA12-13-00Standing lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotable2-stage switchUK plug type GPDF
FLA12-13-MSStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableMultisensUK plug type GPDF
FLA12-13-TDStanding lightsWith arm (asymmetrical); head 350° pivotableDimmableUK plug type GPDF
FLA20-11-00Wall lights2x 55WOn/OffPDF
FLA20-11-DDWall lights2x 55WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA22-11-00Wall lights2x 54WOn/OffPDF
FLA22-11-DDWall lights2x 54WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA24-11-00Wall lights2x 80WOn/OffPDF
FLA24-11-DDWall lights2x 80WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA30-11-00Pendant lights4x 55W2-stage switchPDF
FLA30-11-DDPendant lights4x 55WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA32-11-00Pendant lights2x 54WOn/OffPDF
FLA32-11-DDPendant lights2x 54WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA34-11-00Pendant lights4x 54W2-stage switchPDF
FLA34-11-DDPendant lights4x 54WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA36-11-00Pendant lights2x 80WOn/OffPDF
FLA36-11-DDPendant lights2x 80WDimmable DALIPDF
FLA38-11-00Pendant lights4x 80W2-stage switchPDF
FLA38-11-DDPendant lights4x 80WDimmable DALIPDF

CAD data
Assembly instructions
Ceiling rose B-150/160 (pdf, 2.05 MB)
FLAT Standing light (pdf, 542.9 KB)
FLAT Pendant light (pdf, 353.9 KB)
FLAT Wall lights (pdf, 116.5 KB)
Multisens 2 (pdf, 54.1 KB)
Photometric data
FLAT-10 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-12 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-20 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-22 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-24 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-30 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-32 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-34 (zip, 4.1 KB)
FLAT-36 (zip, 4.2 KB)
FLAT-38 (zip, 4.1 KB)