Michel Charlot

belux inline neo is a sophisticated linear lighting tool. The hart of the system, the integrated optics, direct the light with precision to the desired surfaces. Powerful direct and/or indirect light, different mounting options and made to measure lengths make from belux inline neo a unique lighting tool that enables to create a whole range of different lighting scenarios, from diffused general light to homogenous indirect light to direct accent light. belux inline neo offers a wealth of new applications and simultaneously strengthens the bonds between architecture and lighting, supporting the planner’s creativity.

This is achieved deploying a light direction principle based on the interplay of two individual lenses (patent pending). Essentially, a primary lens concentrates the LED light while a secondary lens directs it to the desired surface. Additionally, a
diffuser that evenly distributes the light is also available.

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107 Products

TypeExpressProduct typeColour temperatureColourCurrentSpec sheet
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-52Wall lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-52Ceiling lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights3000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights3000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Wall lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-51Ceiling lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KWhite700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KWhite350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights3000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KBlack700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KBlack350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights4000 KAluminium700 mAPDF
INLINE-50Wall lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF
INLINE-50Ceiling lights2700 KAluminium350 mAPDF