belux onn wall is a wall mounted uplighter with a unique optical system that is optimised to throw light away from the wall and into the room, yet is presented in the most purest and simple compact forms. It is available in two sizes and is finished with a choice of matt black or pure white.

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Order NoDescriptionOperating modeColourColour rendering indexColour temperatureSpec sheet
kr983411-9027-DDOnn-wall 165Dimmable DALIWhiteCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983411-9027-VDOnn-wall 1651-10VWhiteCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983412-9027-DDOnn-wall 165Dimmable DALIBlackCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983412-9027-VDOnn-wall 1651-10VBlackCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983421-9027-DDOnn-wall 300Dimmable DALIWhiteCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983422-9027-DDOnn-wall 300Dimmable DALIBlackCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983421-9027-VDOnn-wall 3001-10VWhiteCRI90+2700 KPDF
kr983422-9027-VDOnn-wall 3001-10VBlackCRI90+2700 KPDF