Benjamin Thut, 1985

The classic belux lifto, combines state-of-the-art functionality with timeless design: unique adjustment and dimming with LEDs are integrated almost invisibly into the filigree design. These make belux lifto the technical benchmark and attractive light well-suited for both home and office.

belux lifto arose from the 1984 belux light competition. The graduate Benjamin Thut had been experimenting with the motion of gas pressure springs – inspired by the mounting system for the lid of car boots – for some time to invent this brilliant idea of adjustability. The patented use of gas pressure springs is unique in lighting construction and gives belux lifto its wide radius of action. The three articulated joints are easy to move with just one hand, yet the light stays unchanged in the desired position even with this large radius of action.
With 10 strong Power LEDs to illuminate the table over a wide and impressive area with high color rendering. The close arrangement of the LEDs precludes unpleasant multiple shadowing. The integrated Tip-switch enables belux lifto to be dimmed from 100-1% or switched completely on or off. The electronics are designed for an operating lifetime of 50,000; yet belux lifto is also designed so that the LED board can be replaced.
belux lifto has a wide range of applications in both the office and the home. The smaller belux liftolino version is especially suitable for small tables or for bedside reading and a wide range of mounting adaptations is available for table and wall use.

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Order NoExpressColour temperatureColourMains plugDescriptionSpec sheet
LIF40-11-9040-TD4000KChromeEuro-plug Typ CLiftoPDF
LIF40-11-9030-TD3000KChromeEuro-plug Typ CLiftoPDF
LIF40-14-9040-TD4000KBlackUK plug type GLiftoPDF
LIF40-12-9030-TD3000KChromeUK plug type GLiftoPDF
LIF40-14-9030-TD3000KBlackUK plug type GLiftoPDF
LIF40-13-9040-TD4000KBlackEuro-plug Typ CLiftoPDF
LIF40-13-9030-TD3000KBlackEuro-plug Typ CLiftoPDF
LINO42-11-9040-TD4000KChromeEuro-plug Typ CLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-11-9030-TD3000KChromeEuro-plug Typ CLiftolinoPDF
LIF40-12-9040-TD4000KChromeUK plug type GLiftoPDF
LINO42-14-9040-TD4000KBlackUK plug type GLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-14-9030-TD3000KBlackUK plug type GLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-13-9040-TD4000KBlackEuro-plug Typ CLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-13-9030-TD3000KBlackEuro-plug Typ CLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-12-9040-TD4000KChromeUK plug type GLiftolinoPDF
LINO42-12-9030-TD3000KChromeUK plug type GLiftolinoPDF

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  • ή=100% CD/1000lm

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