Frank Gehry

Their poetic character and great variety transform the fair-weather belux mamacloud, into an atmospheric light sculpture. Its durable high-tech material can be sculptured to make each light unique. Standard lengths range up to 7m – with other forms and sizes individually made. The voluminous lamp is suitable for large rooms and has sound-softening features. The material is a multirefined polyester fleece which is virtually tear-proof, resistant to ageing and is almost nonflammable.

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18 Products

Order NoOperating modeColour temperatureLengthSpec sheet
CLD70-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K2 mPDF
CLD70-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K2 mPDF
CLD70-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K2 mPDF
CLD72-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K3 mPDF
CLD72-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K3 mPDF
CLD72-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K3 mPDF
CLD74-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K4 mPDF
CLD74-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K4 mPDF
CLD74-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K4 mPDF
CLD76-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K5 mPDF
CLD76-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K5 mPDF
CLD76-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K5 mPDF
CLD78-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K6 mPDF
CLD78-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K6 mPDF
CLD78-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K6 mPDF
CLD80-11-8027-DDDimmable DALI2700 K7 mPDF
CLD80-11-8030-DDDimmable DALI3000 K7 mPDF
CLD80-11-8040-DDDimmable DALI4000 K7 mPDF

Lighting technique

CAD data
mamacloud 70 LED (2m)3DSDXFDWG
mamacloud 72 LED (3m)DXF3DSDWG
mamacloud 74 LED (4m)3DSDWGDXF
mamacloud 76 LED (5m)3DSDWGDXF
mamacloud 78 LED (6m)DXFDWG3DS
mamacloud 80 LED (7m)3DSDWGDXF
Assembly instructions
Ceiling rose B-150/160 (pdf, 2.05 MB)
mamacloud LED (pdf, 933.4 KB)
Photometric data
mamacloud 70 LED (2m) (zip, 35.1 KB)
mamacloud 72 LED (3m) (zip, 2.5 KB)
mamacloud 74 LED (4m) (zip, 2.5 KB)
mamacloud 76 LED (5m) (zip, 2.5 KB)
mamacloud 78 LED (6m) (zip, 2.5 KB)
mamacloud 80 LED (7m) (zip, 2.5 KB)