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belux meter by meter is used as light by the meter in architecture. belux meter by meter can either be employed as indirect light with a cover shade made of anodised aluminium or satinised synthetic glass. A combination of direct and indirect light sections is also possible. belux meter by meter can be employed horizontally from wall to wall or vertically from floor to ceiling. Various coloured and opaque films allow individual colouring and light guidance. These can be inserted subsequently at the front or at the side. Texts can also be printed on films (transparent covers) or laser cut (aluminium covers). belux meter by meter integrates optimally into the most diverse spatial situations such as corridors, reception halls, sales outlets, restaurants and hotels as well as in home areas. Mirrors, doors and passageways can also be framed with this light strips. There are virtually no limits to the possible applications of belux meter by meter.

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Order NoProduct typeDescriptionColourLengthColour temperatureOperating modeSpec sheet
BL52055001System luminairesCarrier profileTransparentPDF
BL52055101System luminairesFront coverAluminiumPDF
BL52055102System luminairesFront coverBlackPDF
BL52055103System luminairesFront coverWhitePDF
BL52055201System luminairesFront coverSatinisedPDF
MBM-56-8027-00System luminairesLight unit573 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-56-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit573 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-56-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit573 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-56-8030-00System luminairesLight unit573 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-56-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit573 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-56-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit573 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-56-8040-00System luminairesLight unit573 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-56-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit573 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-56-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit573 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-70-8027-00System luminairesLight unit713 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-70-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit713 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-70-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit713 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-70-8030-00System luminairesLight unit713 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-70-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit713 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-70-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit713 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-70-8040-00System luminairesLight unit713 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-70-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit713 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-70-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit713 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-84-8027-00System luminairesLight unit853 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-84-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit853 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-84-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit853 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-84-8030-00System luminairesLight unit853 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-84-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit853 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-84-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit853 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-84-8040-00System luminairesLight unit853 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-84-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit853 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-84-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit853 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-112-8027-00System luminairesLight unit1133 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-112-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1133 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-112-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit1133 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-112-8030-00System luminairesLight unit1133 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-112-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1133 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-112-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit1133 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-112-8040-00System luminairesLight unit1133 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-112-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1133 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-112-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit1133 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-140-8027-00System luminairesLight unit1413 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-140-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1413 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-140-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit1413 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-140-8030-00System luminairesLight unit1413 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-140-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1413 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-140-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit1413 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-140-8040-00System luminairesLight unit1413 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-140-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1413 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-140-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit1413 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-196-8027-00System luminairesLight unit1973 mm2700 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-196-8027-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1973 mm2700 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-196-8027-1-10System luminairesLight unit1973 mm2700 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-196-8030-00System luminairesLight unit1973 mm3000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-196-8030-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1973 mm3000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-196-8030-1-10System luminairesLight unit1973 mm3000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
MBM-196-8040-00System luminairesLight unit1973 mm4000 KOn/OffPDF
MBM-196-8040-DDSystem luminairesLight unit1973 mm4000 KDimmable DALIPDF
MBM-196-8040-1-10System luminairesLight unit1973 mm4000 KDimmable 1-10VPDF
BL52057103System luminairesInfeed 220-240VWhitePDF
BL52057104System luminairesInfeed DALI / 1-10VBlackPDF
BL52057105System luminairesCoupler 220-240VWhitePDF
BL52057106System luminairesCoupler DALI / 1-10VBlackPDF
BL52057107System luminairesMale and female connector 220-240VWhitePDF

Assembly instructions
meter by meter led (pdf, 4.38 MB)
Photometric data
MBM (zip, 1.5 MB)