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belux twilight sophisticatedly combines brilliant room and mood lighting and has been considered a classic floor-standing lamp for over 15 years. The range now features a cylindrical version, which broadens the lamp’s range of potential applications in architectural spaces.
belux twilight 360 is available in aluminium and bronze anodized finish. The inner workings of the light fixture feature LED light sources at the top and the bottom, which emit light towards each other and hence produce the belux twilight’s characteristic effect. The indirect, high-performance of indirect room lighting. Both light sources can be dimmed independently, enabling endless lighting moods.

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Order NoExpressOperationColour temperatureColourMains plugSpec sheet
TWI360-11-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KAluminium, anodisedSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-11-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KAluminium, anodisedSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-11-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-11-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-12-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KAluminium, anodisedCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-12-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KAluminium, anodisedCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-12-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-12-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-13-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KAluminium, anodisedUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-13-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KAluminium, anodisedUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-13-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-13-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-14-8027-DDOn site2700KAluminium, anodisedwithoutPDF
TWI360-14-DTW-DDDim To Warm, DALI dimmable - on site3000K-1800KAluminium, anodisedwithoutPDF
TWI360-19-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KDark Bronze eloxiertSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-19-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KDark Bronze eloxiertSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-19-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-19-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-20-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KDark Bronze eloxiertCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-20-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KDark Bronze eloxiertCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-20-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-20-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-21-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KDark Bronze eloxiertUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-21-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KDark Bronze eloxiertUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-21-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-21-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-22-8027-DDOn site2700KDark Bronze eloxiertwithoutPDF
TWI360-22-DTW-DDDim To Warm, DALI dimmable - on site3000K-1800KDark Bronze eloxiertwithoutPDF
TWI360-23-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KBlackSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-23-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KBlackSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-23-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KBlackSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-23-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KBlackSchuko CEE 7/7 (Typ E+F)PDF
TWI360-24-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KBlackCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-25-8027-TDTouch dim, cable integrated2700KBlackUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-24-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KBlackCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-25-8027-WDWireless Dim2700KBlackUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-24-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KBlackCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-25-DTWDim To Warm3000K-1800KBlackUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-24-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KBlackCH T12 (Typ J)PDF
TWI360-25-DTW-WDDim To Warm / Wireless Dim3000K-1800KBlackUK BS 1363 (Typ G)PDF
TWI360-26-8027-DDOn site2700KBlackwithoutPDF
TWI360-26-DTW-DDDim To Warm, DALI dimmable - on site3000K-1800KBlackwithoutPDF

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