In 1999, designers King & Miranda created with Diogenes a luminaire that combines two forms
of lighting – accentuated reading light and generous indirect light. Thanks to this characteristic
and its compact build, Diogenes is ideal for use in more confined spaces. Both the uplight
and the reading light are integrated in the lamp head and are easily dimmable from your seat
and independently of one another. As a matter of course, the reading light may be precisely
aimed at your book, magazine, newspaper and the like. Now, Diogenes has been re-engineered
to fit LED technology. Thanks to their extremely long service life, LEDs are practically maintenance-
free and 80% more economical than the halogen bulbs originally used. Aside from the
technology, the looks have also been upgraded. Four new colours – graphite black, gold-grey,
bronze and white - are used from head to foot and lend a completely new look to Diogenes.