belux meter by meter LED


Together with architect Matteo Thun, belux invented the "Light by the meter" in 2000, thereby creating the cornerstone for a classic light. The innovative belux belux meter by meter design means that the light can be cut to precisely the desired length. A unique design has also been created in terms of ease of assembly, which is still setting standards today. belux meter by meter is now available in LED format and thus offers even more planning freedom, and as the new generation is backward-compatible, existing installations can also be upgraded to LED simply and cost-effectively.

More light with lower energy consumption
In comparison to traditional fluorescent versions, belux meter by meter LED uses a third less energy. In a 5 m-long installation, this means a saving of around 35 W. At the same time, belux meter by meter with aluminium covering produces a luminous flux that is approximately 40% higher. In the example, the luminous flux is increased by around 2000 lumen.

Additional lengths
Whilst the lighting elements in the fluorescent version were supplied in 4 lengths (570/868/1168/1468 mm), belux meter by meter LED is available in 6 lengths (565, 705, 845, 1125, 1405, 1965 mm). This allows the entire length of the light to be illuminated optimally. Fewer elements will also be needed thanks to the new LED lighting element around 2 m in length. This generally results in cheaper procurement and installation costs.

Shadow-free transitions
belux meter by meter LED guarantees shadow-free transitions between the lighting elements. It is therefore no longer necessary to ensure the lighting elements run consistently (= identical lengths). Instead, the longest possible, and therefore most cost-effective, lighting element can be used.

Constant colour temperatures
T5 fluorescent bulbs demonstrate certain colour differences, even within the same series. This would be particularly visible on the back wall. By contrast, belux meter by meter LED lighting elements produce a constant colour temperature (initial colour tolerance: 3 SDCM).
Changes in the colour temperature can also be detected when fluorescent bulbs are dimmed. This problem is no longer an issue when using belux meter by meter LED lighting elements. belux meter by meter LED lighting elements are available in 2700, 3000 and 4000 Kelvin colour temperatures.

Long service life
belux meter by meter LED lighting elements have an average service life of 60,000 operating hours (L80/B50). When operating for 8 hours a day, this means no maintenance for 25 years. When using fluorescent versions, the bulbs would have to be replaced approximately 5 times during this period.

Easy to use
Existing belux meter by meter installations can be upgraded easily and cost-effectively. The fluorescent lighting elements can be replaced one-for-one without tools and without additional mounting material for belux meter by meter LED lighting elements. In terms of procurement, LED lighting elements cost from €240 per running metre (list price, without replacement costs).