Giant belux mamacloud in Geneva


The former courtyard of a city building was covered with a glass roof and was to be used for contacts with customers. However, at midday, daylight is at its highest brilliance, which, depending on the position of the sun, affects the workstations located around the courtyard. Architect Omarini Architecture was called in to reduce glare and noise, and find a solution using artificial lighting.

Three enormous belux mamacloud of up to 12 metres long and 3 metres wide met all the requirements. They filter daylight and provide multi-directional artificial lighting when required. The surfaces of belux mamacloud greatly help reduce the noise. The clouds solve the client’s problem and, as ‘art in architecture’, they create a unique atmosphere whether they are switched on or off.

Object: UBS- Hôtel de Banque, Rue de la Corraterie 5, Geneva
Client UBS SA
Architect: Lichtkonzept Omarini Architecture
General contractor: Implenia Entreprise Générale SA
Construction and delivery: belux AG Birsfelden
Assembly: belux GmbH and the “alpinists” of Vertige Concept Yverdon