ARBA Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, 2009

Classic but with an eye for the contemporary, the urbane as well as the natural: this is the essence of Arba. Ecological materials from the immediate region, while using energy-saving luminaires, modern lighting electronics, long-lasting materials and timeless aesthetics, are basic features to ensure that Arba is in perfect harmony with nature.


With its native maple and archetypal form, Arba creates both an intimacy and understated simplicity. The light coming through the cylindrical diffusor enables you to see the vitality of the wood grain and makes the natural features of objects much more distinct. Arba combines comfort and sustainability while imparting restful images of nature along with peace and tranquility.
The native wood of the maple is especially oiled to endow it with unique characteristics of high resilience, stability, and exceptional texture. A gradual darkening of the natural products over the years has provided Arba with another attribute: the wood makes the refreshingly cool light of the energy-saving fluorescent lamp glisten and transforms it into a warm yet powerful and comfortable light while bestowing a unique atmosphere to the room. The diffusor used for vertical illumination is made of solid acrylic with highly polished edges to direct an even, glare-free light. A sophisticated manual mechanical system enables the glass to be removed to change the luminaire simply and easily.
Arba is available in four versions: as a standing, table, hanging or wall lamp. The shade for standing and table lamps is held by five interwoven strips – also in maple – which are smoothed down and oiled. The soft edges provide the lamp with a visual delicateness in contrast to the vigor of the materials used. In a slow-drying process, the strips are dried naturally to maintain their form. A steel cable allows the suspension light to swing gently and the crimson textile fiber power cable adds even stronger emphasis to its appearance. The wall lamp lends a familiar sense of comfort to any hallway and a natural warmth to any bedroom reading light.
The ARBA family of lamps is equipped with high-quality (DALI) electronics und energy-saving fluorescent lights of constant flux, with excellent color projection and long operating life. The standing and table lamps have a switch in the cable while the hanging lamp may have a dimmer or an off/off switch as the customer requires when installing. The large hanging lamp is 600 mm in diameter and has four powerful 42 W luminaires and, with their powerful light, can be used in offices, public buildings and places with high ceilings.

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Range / Details

13 Products

TypProduct typeOperating modeMains plugSizeSpec sheetWish list
ARB10-11-00Standing lightsOn/OffSwiss plug type JØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB10-11-TDStanding lightsDimmableSwiss plug type JØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB10-12-00Standing lightsOn/OffSchuko plug type E+FØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB10-12-TDStanding lightsDimmableSchuko plug type E+FØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB10-13-00Standing lightsOn/OffUK plug type GØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB10-13-TDStanding lightsDimmableUK plug type GØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB24-00Wall lightsOn/OffØ 250 mmPDFWish list
ARB30-11-00Pendant lightsOn/OffØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB30-11-TDPendant lightsDimmableØ 500 mmPDFWish list
ARB32-11-00Pendant lightsOn/OffØ 600 mmPDFWish list
ARB32-12-DDPendant lightsDimmable DALIØ 600 mmPDFWish list
ARB40-12-00Table lightsOn/OffEuro-plug Typ CØ 400 mmPDFWish list
ARB40-13-00Table lightsOn/OffUK plug type GØ 400 mmPDFWish list

CAD data
Assembly instructions
ARBA-10/-40 Standing/table light (pdf, 2.02 MB)
ARBA-30/-32 Pendant light (pdf, 620.5 KB)
ARBA Wall light fixtures (pdf, 182.2 KB)
Ceiling rose B-130 (pdf, 368.6 KB)
Photometric data
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ARBA-24 (zip, 60.7 KB)
ARBA-30 (zip, 6.9 KB)
ARBA-32 (zip, 6.5 KB)
ARBA-40 (zip, 3.8 KB)

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